Various applications require the use of high temperature gaskets. This includes those with exhausts and chimneys, steam boiler processes, oil refineries, fireproof protection, power generation, chemical processing, and other engine operations
Power Plant High Temperature Gasket Application

High Temperature Gasket Material

How to choose the right gasket material for high temperature applications?


For over 50 years Custom Gaskets Ltd. has been innovating, refining, and applying its skills in manufacturing sealing solutions to meet customers’ needs from all various industries. Custom Gaskets has extensive experience with the pulp and paper, petrochemical, construction, mining, water and waste, and refining industries. This expertise enables the company to become a primary supplier of a high quality gasket materials in Canada.

Your application dictates the gasket materials to use

Each application requires specific gasket material. The need for high temperature gaskets includes those with exhausts and chimneys, steam boiler processes, oil refineries, fireproof protection, power generation, chemical processing, and other engine operations. These applications require gaskets that can handle extreme heat temperatures which are often over 800°F or 426°C. However, there is no exact definition of what is considered a high temperature.

To straighten up things we can classify gasket temperature applications into 3 categories: moderate, high, and extremely high temperature.

Moderate Temperature Gaskets

Gaskets in this material can be used in all basic applications that do not require high temperatures. Most of them are Elastomer gaskets or sometimes called rubber gasket materials which are made from silicone and rubber that consist of both synthetic and natural materials. 

Another material is PTFE or Polytetrafluoroethylene  (Chemours trademark of Teflon®). PTFE has a low coefficient of friction, excellent insulating properties, and is chemically inert to most substances. It also can withstand high heat applications up to 600°F and it is well known for its anti-stick properties. 

High Temperature Gaskets

Consider these materials if your application is within the 750°F. Generally, these materials are made of compressed sheet fiber which has high density products that contain the most homogeneous combination of minerals, synthetic fibers, and elastomeric binder. It is designed to perform in applications involving, air, water, steam, oils, acids, and general chemicals that require high temperatures.

Extreme High Temperature Gaskets

Materials that can handle a max temperature of 800°F to 5400°F and above. Custom Gaskets have both compressed sheets and flexible graphite gaskets suitable to handle this extreme temperature.

Flexible graphite gasket material is one of the best available options to use in extreme heat conditions. It is made from 98% graphite and contains carbon between 95% and 99%. Flexible graphite allows for superior chemical resistance, thermal conductivity, and sealability. It can be available in plain or laminated sheets and with or without a metal reinforcement insert. 

See some of the available materials:

Choosing the right gasket material for your applications is critical, especially in an environment where you may be sealing against aggressive chemicals or operating in high temperatures. Gasket pressure must also be considered and should refer to the material manual for the maximum PSI capacity of each product. 

Custom Gaskets specializes in creating custom shaped gaskets of any size to meet customer requirements. Using an advanced CNC machine with a great precision cut, combined with its manpower skills and experience enables the team to construct the highest quality sealing products. Whether you are looking for low or high volume production, Custom Gasket is here to support your ideas and produce sealing solutions for your applications.

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