Gasket Cutting

Standard and custom shaped gaskets of any size


Custom Gaskets Ltd. has been a leading manufacturer of standard and customized gaskets since 1967.

We use a multitude of different manufacturing techniques, including fully automated CNC cutting, hydraulic steel rule die presses and professional hand cutting. This enables us to find the right settings to fulfill your order in a short time at a competitive rate.

Our combined skills, training and experience enables our team to construct the highest quality sealing products. Whether you are looking for a low or high volume production, we are here to support your ideas and produce your sealing solutions for your applications.


Specializing in custom shaped gaskets

In addition to standard round gaskets, we specialize in creating custom shaped gaskets of any size to meet your requirements. With our CNC cutting tables, we can speed up the process of producing standard and custom shaped gaskets as it requires minimum setup time and eliminates any cost on tooling fabrication. The machine operates by using an automated pneumatic oscillating knife which can quickly cut through many different semi-rigid materials up to 1.5” or 38mm in thickness for fast production. 

Our CNC cutting tables is the right choice for low to mid-volume orders or if a steel rule die becomes too complex and expensive.

Custom Gaskets Capabilities Gasket-Cutting

Low-cost, high volume manufacturing

If a low-cost, high volume manufacturing process is what you need, look no further. Custom Gaskets Ltd. uses steel rule dies in combination with hydraulic presses to punch out thousands of gaskets with the highest precision and tolerances possible.

We have the capability to fabricate gaskets in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Larger gaskets are typically supplied in multiple segments to reduce material, fabrication and shipping costs. Segmented gaskets can be supplied with dovetails or chemical bonded together.

Additionally, if gaskets supplied in segments or bonded are not an option for your application, we are experienced in hand cutting with great precision for gaskets that have dimensions exceeding 60”.

What’s Included in Our Gasket Cutting Service

in-house drafters

CAD Design

We have several CNC machines that are operated by experienced CAD programmers. Get your order started right away by simply sending us your drawing in a DXF or DWG file and we will load it into our machines to reduce setup time and cost. 

Don’t worry, if you cannot provide any electronic drawing, our in-house drafters are here to help. Just provide a sketch or template to identify the dimensions and they will create the drawing for you.

Custom Gaskets Capabilities CAD-Design

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