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High-quality packing materials that provide a "compression seal" for pumps and valves.

Custom Gaskets Ltd. is honored to be an authorized distributor of Palmetto Packings, a leading manufacturer of high-quality packing materials for pumps and valves. As a trusted supplier of sealing solutions, we understand the importance of providing reliable and efficient products to our customers. Palmetto’s packing rings are specifically designed to provide a “compression seal” for pumps and valves, ensuring optimal performance and preventing any leakage or damage to the equipment.

What is Packing? Packing also referred to as pump packing, valve packing, braided packing, compression packing, rope packing, and mechanical packing, is a crucial component in the sealing process. With over 100 years of demonstrated material expertise, Palmetto Packings has established a strong reputation in the industry for providing innovative and reliable packing solutions.

Palmetto offers a wide range of packing materials to suit various applications, including PTFE, carbon, PTFE/graphite like 100% GFO®, aramid, flax, acrylic, flexible graphite, novoloid, graphite, and more. Additionally, Palmetto and Custom Gaskets provide custom-engineered packing and ring sets to meet the unique needs of customers across different industries.

Partnering with Palmetto allows us to provide our customers with high-quality, cost-effective sealing solutions that meet their specific requirements. Custom Gaskets Ltd. strives to deliver outstanding customer service and technical support to ensure our clients’ success.

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