Isolation Gasket Kits:
Your Defense Against Flange Corrosion

Provides effective cathodic protection, and prevents galvanic corrosion between flanges

Flange Isolation Gasket Kits serve a crucial role in safeguarding pipeline flanges against galvanic corrosion. They prevent the damage of flanged joints that induced by static currents in a piping system. The kits consist of a customized gasket, with isolation sleeves for nuts, stud bolts, and washers. It eliminates metal-to-metal contact, stops static current, and prevents decay while supporting Cathodic Protection.

Custom Gaskets offers a diverse range of Isolation Kits to cater to various requirements. We offer isolation kits in all sizes, spanning DIN, ASME, and API classes, and we are capable of accommodating custom and special sizes upon request.


Each kit comes equipped with:

  • Isolating gasket
  • Isolation sleeves
  • Isolation washers per bolt hole
  • Backing washers per bolt hole

Custom Gaskets is committed to providing high-quality Flange Isolation Kits that offer effective solutions to the challenges posed by flanges. Our kits are designed to be easy to use, reliable, and durable, ensuring that your piping systems are protected against unwanted corrosion and breakdown.


Flange Isolation Gasket Kit

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