Individual plastic profiles


High Quality Custom Plastic Extrusions

With over 50 years of experience creating custom plastic extrusions in Vancouver, Canada, we guarantee the highest quality products at exceptional speed.

We specialize in both flexible and rigid PVC, HDPE, TPV, TPE, PP and co-extrusion. Our extensive experience within the plastic extrusion industry has allowed us to excel in the development and production of specialized profiles.

We pride ourselves on quality and delivery with every order, for new and returning customers alike.

Extruded Plastic Profiles

The Plastic Extrusion Manufacturing Team and Technology

Our facility utilizes advanced extrusion technology and materials to create custom plastic profiles of any design. The in-house manufacturing team of Designers, Die-makers, and Machine Operators is highly trained and has decades of combined experience in extruding plastics of diverse materials and sizes.

Custom Gaskets Ltd. has a complete tool and die shop, machineries, and skilled employees to craft high quality products that are priced competitively and delivered quickly.

We provide our customers with quick turnaround for plastic extrusion using advanced engineering, sampling, prototyping, and production equipment. This grants us exceptional delivery lead time, including for new product designs.

Extrusion Materials

in-house Production of custom Dies

The Die Making Process

As a leading manufacturer of customized plastic extrusions, Custom Gaskets Ltd. is fully equipped to produce your custom Dies in-house, through our machine shop. The Die making process can be costly and time consuming, especially if the product requires revisions during its development phase.

3D printing & Die making

One of our capabilities is to create prototypes by implementing 3D printing before even starting the Die making process. This procedure reduces revisions and helps speed up the whole process to develop your ideas and make them happen. With no tooling required, 3D printing is low cost and allows you to see and feel the proposed parts before committing into full production.

Quicker Development Timeframe

If you are looking to quickly get your product pre-approved, 3D printing can help shorten your development timeframe as we can manufacture your samples within a short period of time. We are able to produce durable prototypes up to 4” long made from flexible and/or rigid plastic materials.

Get Started

To get started with 3D printing, we require only a gasket profile design. Our team can also assist in developing the design and dimensional drawings necessary for your single or co-extruded gaskets. 3D printed parts produced by our co-extruder printer are made to be high quality, durable, dimensionally specific to reflect your final product.

If you are in the design phase of a sealing product, 3D printing could be the answer for you.


Inline Extras

We are more than capable of accessorizing your custom profile. Our facility is fully equipped with the tools and machinery necessary to perform any of the following for your custom plastic extrusion:

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSA)
Double-sided Tape
Inline Labeling
Custom Cut Length

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