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Sealing Solutions


Sealing Solutions for Food, Beverage, and Pharmaceuticals

We work closely with companies across the spectrum of food, beverage, and pharmaceuticals to provide custom solutions that meet industry requirements and company-specific needs. Pharmaceuticals, chocolate manufacturers, and microbreweries are just a few examples in our portfolio of clients who benefit from our industry-leading sealing solutions.


Sealing Solutions that Keep Up with Demand in an Ever-changing Industry

Rules and regulations for the Food, Beverage, and Pharmaceutical industry are always changing, updating to meet the latest safety protocols and substance restrictions. Our sealing solutions use up-to-date materials that meet the required regulations for the industry. With Custom Gaskets Ltd., you can rest assured your sealing solutions will be of the highest quality.

We offer a wide range of sealing solutions, each promoting attributes specific towards an application. With our vast resources, we can assist you to develop solutions for your food and beverage or pharmaceutical application to prevent leakage, corrosion, and contamination. Our products for this industry meet FDA and NSF certification and requirements that keep your food and water processing systems safe.


Sealing Solutions Compliant with All Industry Standards

Custom Gaskets Ltd., upholds complete compliance with the FDA and NSF regarding food-safe solutions for the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. We provide the highest quality sealing solutions at competitive prices for unparalleled service and customization. Contact us about your gasket needs and we’ll formulate the best solution possible with our team of experts who hold over half a century of experience.

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We maintain our status as a leading supplier of sealing solutions for the Food, Beverage, and Pharmaceuticals industries, so get in touch with our experts and see what Custom Gaskets Ltd. can do for you.