Sealing Solutions


Sealing Solutions for the LNG Industry

Our gaskets help maintain your LNG (liquefied natural gas) under proper pressure and temperature in and out of transport, ensuring 100% of your product gets delivered. We supply gaskets for cryogenic applications that protect your product from harmful temperature fluctuations and leaks.


Challenging Conditions Require Optimal Sealing Solutions

It’s no question that the conditions to maintain LNG are severe, with temperatures required below 184°F. When pipeline transport isn’t an option, call on Custom Gaskets Ltd. to provide the best leak-proof and temperature-resistant sealing solutions in the industry.

Under the critical conditions, most materials become brittle and expand or contract at certain joints where the expansion rate differs. Sealing cryogenic gasses is undoubtedly a difficult procedure to perform correctly. To overcome these difficulties, we work in close collaboration with the client to craft the custom solutions needed.

Our line of semi-metallic spiral wound gaskets are designed to have the lowest possible leak rate, even for the most challenging liquefied gasses. Cryogenic gasses are atomically small, but our LNG sealing solutions provides the greatest rate of success in preventing leakage and maintaining temperature.


Industry-best Sealing Solutions for LNG and Cryogenic Gasses

Contact us about our solutions for LNG and other cryogenic gasses. We advocate our engineering expertise with a history of success in the protection and transport of LNG through custom sealing solutions. Custom Gaskets Ltd. provides the best sealing solutions to reduce downtime, ensuring only the highest quality sealing performance for your LNG systems.

Contact Us for Custom-made Premium Sealing Solutions

We maintain our status as a leading supplier of sealing solutions for the LNG and Cryogenic Gasses industries, so get in touch with our experts and see what Custom Gaskets Ltd. can do for you.