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Sealing Solutions for Marine & Maritime Industries

We provide the marine and maritime industries with sealing solutions that protect against erosion, leaks, and fluctuations, preventing detrimental damage to a variety of vessels. Custom Gaskets Ltd. continues to deliver exceptional sealing solutions, custom-made for your marine application.


Custom Solutions Made Specifically for the Maritime Industry

Sealing solutions for the maritime industry differ greatly from any other industry, as vessels are completely reliant on 100% sealed windows, pipes, thrusters, and more. We craft custom seals that protect against ozone, salt, water, and any substance or element that can cause corrosion and erosion.

Our manufacturing facility and highly qualified team can craft your maritime sealing solution to fit the required vessel, whether it’s for a brand-new system or retrofitting to one that’s currently in use. Let us know your requirements and we will work closely with you to find the best solution to your needs.


A Proven Track Record of Success in Supplying Globally and Locally

We are one of Western Canada’s leading distributors of Isolation Kits, supplying Type F, D (RTJ), E, and G10. We also supply U-bolts, rubber matting, and wide-ribbed matting for the marine and maritime industries. Contact us for details about our production line and capabilities.

Contact us about specialized sealing solutions, pricing, and more

We maintain our status as a leading supplier of sealing solutions for the Marine and Maritime industry, so get in touch with our experts and see what Custom Gaskets Ltd. can do for you.