Shim Production

Shims in any material, size, thickness, and finish
Highest quality

Fabricating Shims with Precision

Our facility prides itself in the machinery we utilize and the highly skilled staff who operates them. Our shim department is capable of fabricating shims in any material, size, thickness, and finish.

We guarantee precision with every custom shim order. We produce high-quality shims for a variety of industries, ensuring trust in our manufacturing capabilities. This, in part, is thanks to our machinery and custom tools. We set a high standard for our facility to provide you with only the highest quality, trustworthy products.

Radius Corners & Finger Tab with Hole
for hand and finger SAFETY
Thickness etched on EVERY Shim
for easy selection; will not rub off
High Quality 304 Stainless Steel
resists rust and corrosion
Rapid Production

Timeliness with Every Shim Order

Whether we are providing standardized shims for you or you provide us with your own design, we guarantee a timely delivery. Our facility is capable of producing your shims rapidly, for low-cost manufacturing and fast delivery.

The machines we utilize for your shim production handle a wide variety of plastic or metallic materials. These materials can range in thickness and rigidity and size without sacrificing output quality.

Our Custom Shim Production Capabilities

We specialize in creating custom products, including custom shims. Our facility is well equipped with a variety of machineries, tools, and programs to design, fabricate, and deliver your custom shims with efficient, quality service.

Questions About Custom Shim Production?