Minseal 2030-L

The Minseal 2030-L is a plain, homogeneous graphite sheet with no reinforcement insert. With its high carbon content, the flexible graphite allows for a superior chemical resistance, thermal conductivity, and sealability.

The 2030-L graphite sheet is manufactured from high purity Minseal Flexible Graphite 2010-B Industrial Grade (99% carbon) and is an excellent sealing material for non-oxidizing environments with a working temperature range of -400°F to 5400°F.

This pure graphite material is typically used for flange gaskets in relatively low pressure sealing conditions (tested up to 700 psi). Attributing to good thermal conductivity of graphite, 2030-L is an ideal filler material for metal jacketed gaskets (corrugated metal gaskets, heat exchanger gaskets). Additionally, this product does not contain hazardous substance and meets the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) requirement.

Applications: Refineries, Chemical and Petrochemical plants, Paper Mills, Mines and other industrial fields.

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