EPDM, Peroxide-cured (Panacea® 6962)

Panacea® 6962 is a special compound elastomer of EPDM compounded with a high content of polymer exceeding 53%, with a peroxide cure. It is manufactured by Panacea® and is an ideal gasket material for parts requiring a wide resistance to chemical utilized and produced in Chlorine, Caustic, and Bleach Industries. It has a Shore “A” hardness of 60 durometer.

With its unique compounding, Panacea® 6962 provides resistance to temperatures through 300°F (148°C) on a wide range of chemicals and maintains its resistance to compression set better than other “commercial” grades of EPDM.

Style 6962 is also compounded without the use of Calcium or Magnesium as these types of metals or elements can potentially harm fluoro-based Membranes. As such, 6962 is a prime consideration for gasketing in Electrolytic Membrane applications.

This special compound 6962 EPDM exhibits resistance to most acids, bases and polar solvents such as water, phosphate ester, ketones, alcohols, and glycols. EPDM swells considerably in aliphatic, aromatic, and chlorinated solvents. This compound is resistant to ozone attack and is weather resistant.

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