Neoprene (AB-260)

Neoprene AB-260 is a matte, commercial grade black rubber sheet that is manufactured by American Biltrite™. It has a hardness of 60 durometer and is ideal for gaskets, washers, military applications, or where mild oil resistance is required. Neoprene is one of Custom Gaskets Ltd’s most popular material due to its excellent adhesion properties and general, multi-purpose use. This material can generally withstand a working temperature range of -20 to 190°F (-29 to 88°C).

Neoprene AB-260 also features good inherent flame resistance, good resistance to abrasion and flex cracking, natural aging to alkalis and acids, and limited resistance to weather and ozone.

Common Uses: rubber gaskets, seals, rubber washers, flange gaskets, bearing pads, cushions, pads, mats, and other mechanical components and parts.

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Hardness "Shore A" (±5)

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ASTM D2000