Butyl is a black synthetic elastomer, also known as the copolymer Isobutylene-isoprene (IIR). Used in many commercial and industrial applications, Butyl is a great general purpose rubber as it has good shock absorption characteristics, low moisture, and gas permeability. It is also the only known elastomer that is impervious to gases. Butyl rubber is flexible, with good room temperature damping characteristics. It also resists many acidic and alkaline chemicals, and has good aging properties.

Butyl rubber has a temperature range between -30 and 170°F (-34 to 176°C), but its damping characteristics diminish at higher temperatures. It remains flexible at lower temperatures.

Good to Excellent resistance: Flex Cracking and Abrasion, Weather, Sunlight, Oxidation, Ozone and UV, Chemicals, Potable, Drinking Water, Steam and Gas Permeability.

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