Viton™ brown

Viton style 1055 is a brown non-specification Viton™ compound with a light fabric impression finish. This high performance, commercial grade material has excellent resistance to aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, petroleum Oil, fuels, ozone and weather, lubricants, and animal or vegetable Oil. It has a service temperature range of -10°F to 400°F (-23 to 204°C) and a shore “A” hardness of 70 durometer.

Viton™ style 1055 is not recommended for service in acids, chlorinated solvents, or hot water and steam. Typically, fluoroelastomers are not recommended for service in low molecular weight esters and ethers, ketones, certain amines, hot anhydrous hydrofluoric or chlorosulphonic acids and alkyl phosphate esters.

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