Virgin Molded PTFE

Our Virgin Molded PTFE sheet exhibits excellent thermal, chemical and electrical resistant properties. It can withstand a continuous service temperature range of -300 to +500°F (-184 to 260°C) and provides a low-friction, non-stick surface suitable for use in high-temperature and high-dielectric applications.

This material is highly inert to almost all known chemicals, expect for elemental alkali metals, chlorine trifluoride and elemental fluorine at high temperatures and pressure. PTFE is also insoluble in all solvents up to temperatures as high as 300°C (572°F), while certain highly fluorinated Oil will swell and dissolve PTFE at temperatures close to the crystalline melting point.

PTFE is suitable for use in wide variety of applications including capacitor films, cable harnesses, spacers, electrical insulation components, PCB’s, flexible circuits, cap liners, plungers, stoppers, protective liners, gaskets, diaphragms, semiconductor processing components, expansion joint liners and sleeves, fuel cell seals and separators, solar panel (photovoltaic) modules and surface protection liners.

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