INERTEX® SQ-S “V” rigid gasket sheet brings an improved rigidity to the SQ-S Gasket Sheet while maintaining the excellent sealing characteristics of SQ-S. It is designed for difficult installation conditions when rigidity is an important factor.

Manufactured from 100% expanded virgin PTFE. This process provides a softness that allows sealing for low torque conditions, which makes it to one of the tightest sealing PTFE sheet materials in the world. Conformability, combined with equal tensile strength in all directions (Isotropic), virtually eliminates creep and cold flow and provides for a predictable sealing solution. Seals many flange imperfections while maintaining a crush strength over 40,000psi. Easy to cut and doesn’t deteriorate over time.

You can depend on These High Performance Features:

  • Wide pressure and temperature range
  • Unsurpassed chemical compatibility 0 – 14 pH
  • Excellent creep relaxation and cold flow resistance
  • Will not harden or deteriorate with age
  • Low coefficient of friction means material is easily removed
  • Easily conforms to damaged or pitted flanges
  • Low compressive load to seal
  • Largest PTFE sheet (80” x 80”) in the industry
  • Can withstand compressive loads up to 40,000 psi gasket stress
  • FDA Compliant, including red ink for brand ID

Also available as “unbranded/red ink-free” to meet the NSF/ANSI 61 and USP Class VI specifications and is intended for use in potable (drinking) water.

Applications: Oil and Gas, Automotive, Pharmaceutical and Medical, Chemical Processing, Power Generation, Electronics, Pulp and Paper, Food and Beverage, Wastewater Treatment, Marine, Semiconductor

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