PVC Foam 6lb

Formulated from durable Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), this low density grey foam of 6lbs/ft³ is used for a variety of non-critical sealing applications. Closed cell PVC foam products can easily conform to irregular surfaces and include the ability to make a long life seal against air, moisture, light, and dust penetration. PVC foam can also cushion and absorb vibration and shock and can insulate in thermal, electrical and sound applications.

It has a recommended service temperature of -40 to 180°F (-40 to 82°C) and is inherently resistant to fire, ultraviolet rays, most chemicals, acids and solvents. PVC foam also has excellent resistance to fungi, oxidation, and weather. It is supplied with single-sided adhesive backing.

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Compression Deflection 25%

Compression Set 25%

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