PORON® 4701-40 15lb

PORON® 4701-40 is a soft, open cell polyurethane material for use in a wide variety of applications including sealing, cushioning, impact protection, gasketing, gap filling, vibration management and more. It has a density of 15lbs/ft³ and a temperature range of -40 to 194°F (-40 to 90°C).

PORON® 4701-40 has an excellent compression set resistance and a low moisture absorption rate. It is resilient and easily die-cut. This material demonstrates good resistance to UV, ozone, corrosion, mildew and bacteria. PORON® products are also low-outgassing, non-fogging, non-corrosive, and will not become brittle and crumble. As per ASTM D 925, this open cell sponge does not cause staining.

PORON® 4701-40 is UL-94 listed, meets the specification of MIL and passes the flammability standard of FMVSS-302. This material can be supplied with or without pressure sensitive adhesive backing (PSA).

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