Bondtex® 920 is a multi-colored foam produced by recycling the waste of high quality foam materials. These re-bonded sheets are produced and joined together by flame lamination of shredded closed cell polyurethane foam pieces. Due to the material’s recycled nature and bonding process, the density varies between 15-40lbs/ft³ and color distribution may vary.

Although Bondtex® materials are made from closed cell rubber particles, there can be some water absorption into the bonded structure between the individual particles of closed cellular material. Bondtex® foam is not recommended for immersive use with gasoline, toluene, naphtha, and similar solvents and may cause swelling and softening when surface is in contact with these fluids. It has a recommended service temperature of 10 to 130°F (-12 to 54°C).

By reducing waste, these multi-colored sheets are environmental-friendly and are great for use as shipping pads and other various applications.

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