Natural Rubber 26lb

Our open cell Black Industrial Sponge material is made from a natural cellular rubber sponge polymer with post-industrial recycled content and medium hardness. It has a density of 26lbs/ft³ and a temperature range of -20 to 160°F (-28 to 71°C). Its open cell structure provides excellent compression recovery and allows the material to form a seal around uneven surfaces and complex shapes. It has excellent resistance to abrasion and tearing.

Due to the open cell nature of the industrial sponge, this material is used in applications where resistance to fluids is only required when a surface coating is applied. It can also be used in repetitive loading and distortion applications such as packaging protection and expansion joints, and other various applications such as industrial matting, silent flooring installations, and anti-vibration paddings and more.

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Compression Deflection 25%

Compression Set 50%

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