Neoprene (Garlock® 7986)

Garlock® 7986 Neoprene is a black, premium grade neoprene rubber sheet with a smooth cloth finish. This black rubber material produced from the polymerization of chloroprene. Neoprene is one of our most popular elastomers for rubber gasketing due to its excellent adhesion qualities and general-purpose versatility that can suit a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications. Garlock® 7986 Neoprene has a shore “A” hardness of 60 durometer and a temperature range of -20 to +250°F (-28 to +121°C).

Garlock® 7986 Neoprene exhibits strength and durability with a high tensile strength ranging of 2000 PSI. Neoprene generally has an overall good weathering and compression resistance. It has flame retarding properties and also has resistance to petroleum-based fluids. It also resists damage and degradation stemming from abrasion, chemicals, combustion, fats, grease, petroleum oil, oxidation, ozone, sunlight, temperature, water, and weather.

These characteristics make it this rubber sheeting a high-performance, sealing solution for many flange applications.

Garlock® 7986 meets the Specification of MIL-R-3065 and MIL-Std. 417 Type S Grade SC620 A1 E3 E5.

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