Black Plastify Vinyl (Panacea® R-3400)

Panacea® R-3400 is a specially-compounded plasticized vinyl material. It has a temperature range of +5°F (Brittle Point) up to 200°F (93°C) and a Shore “A” hardness of 70 durometer.

As it is a specialized compound, the R-3400 gasket material is an excellent choice for many Chlorine Dioxide technology companies, suppliers and engineering firms who work with pulp chlorine dioxide systems. With its unique properties, this material also has excellent long-term sealability and compression sets. Style R-3400 is also compounded to meet the many gasketing needs of a Bleaching Pulp Mill and often competes with various PTFE-based gasketing.

This flexible vinyl was specifically developed for applications with Chlorine Dioxide Gas, Sodium Hydroxide, Brine, Hypo and difficult to handle Acids. It also can be used in many chemical services where PVC is suitable.

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