MULTI-SWELL™ Style 3760-U

The MULTI-SWELL™ 3760-U is the ultimate problem solver for those lightweight flange and covers where nuisance oil and water leaks plague most industrial facilities. Made with synthetic fibers with a proprietary rubber binder. Unlike traditional vegetable fiber and cork gaskets that allow water and oil to “wick” through the body of the gasket, the MULTI-SWELL™ absorbs the media at the inside edge, swells, and creates a tighter, long term seal.

MULTI-SWELL™ actually creates its own load when it comes into contact with oil or water. This revolutionary material does not degrade in contact with Oil and adapts easily to all types of flange design, so it’s ideal for a broad range of applications. Twice as soft as conventional gaskets, MULTI-SWELL™ is easy to cut and readily conformable even to irregular flanges, ensuring tight seals with lower loads.

MULTI-SWELL™ 3760-U meets the specifications of NSF/ANSI 61 and is intended for use in potable (drinking) water. This material is manufactured by Garlock®.

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