GYLON® Style 3510

GYLON® Style 3510 produces a tighter seal with an improved performance over conventional PTFE materials. A unique manufacturing process that minimizes cold flow problems typical of skived and expanded PTFE sheets. Designed for use in strong caustics and toxic chemicals, such as chlorine, ammonia, and phosgene, where initiating and maintaining an extremely tight seal is critical. It also provides exceptional performance in monomer services.

GYLON® Style 3510 is a high performance, barium sulfate filled PTFE gasketing material.

GYLON® Style 3510 reduces product loss and emissions with a reduced creep relaxation and excellent bolt torque retention. It withstands a wide range of chemicals for extended service life in a wide variety of applications. It also will not support flames or bacterial growth.

Applications: Strong caustics, Moderate acids, Chlorine, Gases, Monomers, Steam, Hydrocarbons, Cryogenics and aluminum fluoride

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