Durlon® 8600

Durlon® 8600 exhibits good compressibility and recovery, sealability, flexibility and cutting characteristics. A quality compressed sheet gasket material for use in process industries including pulp and paper, power, petrochemical as well as general industry where a “white” gasket material is often required such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical and plastics.

Durlon® 8600 contains high-strength aramid and inorganic fibres bonded with high-grade SBR rubber. Much effort has gone into improving the anti-stick release agents of all compressed Durlon® products.

For services such as water, steam, air inert gases, alcohols, dilute acids, alkalis ammonia and many other liquids and gases.

All Durlon® compressed gasket materials have passed the MIL-G-24696B Navy Adhesion Test (366°F/48hrs).

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