Tips for Accu Mark Shims Facts

  • Use the minimal amount of ACCU MARK pre-cut shims possible to obtain the desired thickness. This will make for a more stable alignment.

  • When using multiple ACCU MARK pre-cut shims, make a [thin sandwich] by placing thinner shims between two thicker shims on the top and bottom. This will make positioning easier and eliminate damage to the thinner shims.

  • Before reusing ACCU MARK shims, be sure to clean them of oil and dirt etc. This procedure will ensure that the correct and desired thickness is achieved, and the equipment will align precisely.

  • Do not use any ACCU MARK shim that is wrinkled, bent or bowed.

  • To assist in reinstallation, place a small bit of oil on the ACCU MARK shim. This procedure will allow for easier horizontal moves.

  • As a matter of practice, place a .025 ACCU MARK shim under each foot of the equipment.

  • Always raise equipment enough for easy ACCU MARK shim insertion. Never drive shims under a foot with a hammer.

If all of the above procedures are followed, you will have total success using ACCU MARK shims.