Accu Mark Pre-Cut Stainless Steel Replacement Packs

All of the points above will assure our customers that they are receiving the best quality stainless shims and shim stock in the market place.

THICKNESS (") A Part# (2"x2") B Part# (3"x3") C Part# (4"x4") D Part# (5"x5")
.001 A00120 B00120 C00120 D00120
.002 A00220 B00220 C00220 D00220
.003 A00320 B00320 C00320 D00320
.004 A00420 B00420 C00420 D00420
.005 A00520 B00520 C00520 D00520
.010 A01020 B01020 C01020 D01020
.015 A01520 B01520 C01520 D01520
.020 A02020 B02020 C02020 D02020
A02520 B02520 C02520 D02520
.050 A05020 B05020 C05020 D05020
.075 A07520 B07520 C07520 D07520
.100 A10020 B10020 C10020 D10020
.125 A12520 B12520 C12520 D12520

Die-cut Gaskets to Your Specifications


SIZE E  6''X6'' 1 7/8'' Bolt SIZE G  6''X6'' 2 1/4'' Bolt SIZE H  8''X8'' 2 1/4'' Bolt
.001 E00120 G00120 H00120
 .002 E00220 G00220 H00220
 .003 E00320 G00320 H00320
 .004 E00420 G00420 H00420
 .005 E00520 G00520 H00520
 .010 E01020 G01020 H01020
.015 E01520 G01520 H01520
 .020 E02020 G02020 H02020
 .025 E02520 G02520 H02520
 .050 E05020 G05020 H05020
 .075 E07520 G07520 H07520
 .100 E10020 G10020 H10020
 .125 E12520 G12520 H12520