Accu Mark Shims Facts

An ISO 9001:2000 Approved Manufacturer

Custom Gaskets is unique in the manufacturing of its stainless steel shims Our raw materials are purchased from international mills, which all meet industry wide specifications.

In the production of our slotted shims, we take micrometer readings of every roll of raw material before that roll is processed. Once the thickness is determined, we etch the shims with the actual size on each shim made from that roll. By doing this, the end user does not have to take a reading on any shim to know what other size is required to arrive at the desired thickness.

Consider the following:

  • Standard industry tolerances [see attached] are very tight from .001 thru .025, however we still do micrometer readings and etch the shims accordingly.

  • Industry standards for thickness ranging from .050 thru.125 are shown in the table as well. The spread in tolerance is an important factor in etching each and every shim with the exact micrometer reading.

  • Prices for .001 thru .015 are identical; therefore, no extra charges are encountered in reaching a desired thickness.

  • Each and every shim is run through a polishing process to eliminate burrs and any sharp edges.

  • Each shim is 100% inspected for imperfections before packaging in kits or replacement packs.

All of the points above will assure our customers that they are receiving the best quality stainless shims and shim stock in the market place.